Useful Tips in Wonderful Island Game, Get Now!

Recently, many simulation game fans are attracted to Wonderful Island game, which is a farming simulation game like Hay Day. Actually, you will feel Wonderful Island is more interesting than other simulation games after playing. And here are some useful guides that can speed up your progress in Wonderful Island game.

How to Get Free Gold?
As a veteran player in simulation game, you must know the importance of gold. How to get free gold in Wonderful Island? Some animals will appear in any time. You can get a little gold or diamond by tapping these animals.

Finish Order Square Firstly
You’d better finish the order square firstly thus you can build some factories. Don’t build decorations because you don’t have enough gold in the early stage. And don’t be hurry to expand your island area. What you should do is to tidy some original decorations to make room for building factories.

You can go to casino to play some games after you building it. You can play free once a day. I highly recommend you to play Roulette. Winning rate of Roulette is higher than slot machine.

Bind Facebook Account
You can get free diamond after you binding your facebook account. Besides that, more free diamonds are offered if you share Wonderful Island online to your Facebook page.
Anyway, hope you can enjoy your game time with these Wonderful Island guides. Never be hesitate to play Wonderful Island if you like simulation game. This amazing game is available on iOS now. And the android version will come soon. Stay tuned!

Useful Tips in Wonderful Island Game, Get Now!

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